Snoring remedies that will give you a better sleep experience


According to expert estimate, 50% of adults snore on occasion, so you are not alone in this search for snoring remedies. However, when your snoring becomes routine on a nightly basis, being severe and disruptive, you need not be told that you are amongst the  worse cadre of snorers. Snoring does no one good, from disrupting your sleep at least once or twice every night and all the side effects of sleep deprivation to the uncomfort it foists on your sleeping partner, this irritable behavior can cause a negative strain on the relationship.

What causes snoring?

Snoring results from partial obstruction of your breathing while asleep. This happens because the muscles of the tongue, throat, and soft palate relax beyond normal, blocking the airway. These muscles  vibrate as your breathe, causing the buzzing sound that accompanied snoring and the narrower the airway, the more the muscles  vibrate and the louder your snoring. Also overweight individuals having an  extra tissue at the back of their throats are prone to snoring .Eliminating snoring will therefore  require anti-snoring solutions that will allow free flow of air to the nasal and buccal cavities.

Snoring remedies

* Essential oils

Essential oils are  natural, organic compound extracted from  plants and believed to have healing properties.  Essential oils are very popular snoring aids and can help alleviate your snoring, especially if it is caused by chest or nasal congestion. Peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil, both herbal decongestant help  to open up the air passageways, allowing you to breathe better. These essential oils can be used with an essential oil diffuser, a small device that  disperse essential oils into the air. Also, you can add a few drops of the essential oil into a bowl of steaming hot water, lean over the bowl using a towel to cover your head and the bowel and breathe in the steam.

* Mouthpieces

These are specially designed anti-snoring devices that work by adjusting the position of your soft palate, tongue and jaw, to keep your air passage open and unobstructed. MAD mouthpieces move the lower jaw and tongue forward to open the airway at the back of the throat, popular amongst this group is Zquiet because it can be custom molded to perfectly fit your mouth, promoting comfort ability.  Also, Tongue Stabilizing Devices another group of mouthpieces, suck the tongue forward to keep the tongue stabilized and out of the way for proper airflow.

* Medical remedies

This snoring remedy will include surgical procedures like Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP), Palatal implants, Somnoplasty amongst others that seek to shorten or stiffen the uvula( muscle at back of throat ) and soft palate, so that they don’t interfere with airflow through the airway.

* Anti Snoring Exercises

These are exercises which  help to strengthen throat and tongue muscles, so these muscles won’t relax beyond normal as to obstruct your airway while asleep. Also, some exercises e.g regular singing have been linked to the widening of narrow throats by  improving muscle control of the upper throat and soft palate, which is very helpful in alleviating snoring and snoring remedy. More details.


As daunting as snoring looks, it has remedies that will keep it far from you for a very long time. In achieving a snore free life, it is also important that alongside the snoring aids, some lifestyle adjustments must be made. Losing more weight, avoiding alcohol before bed and drinking more water can complement your snoring remedies.