Avoid Disruptive Snoring this Holiday Season

Visiting relatives this time of year can lead to some uncomfortable situations if snoring is a problem for you.  If you are prone to bone-shaking, wall-rattling, sleep-destroying snoring, your relatives probably have some trepidation about your upcoming three-night stay.  Are stories about your snoring still circulating among family members from the last time you visited?  If so, you might want to talk to your sleep specialist about ways to minimize the disruption to the family.  After all, they need to be fresh and alert, so they can chase those Black Friday sales after Thanksgiving dinner.  They don’t want to lose sleep listening to all that noise coming from your throat.

You can do something to make up for the last time you kept them awake, and that’s to send them a nice gift from Edible Arrangements.   Think of how nicely you gift of a colorful arrangement of fresh fruit, like their Salted Caramel Harvest Bouquet with Orange Swizzle Berries will look on the table as the guests arrive for the Thanksgiving weekend.  You know what they say, “you can take ‘em somewhere twice…the second time to apologize.”  Well, this would make a great mea culpa.  In addition, you’d be bringing a healthy snack to the table for all to enjoy.  Thanksgiving dinner is known for lots of favorite dishes – fresh fruit isn’t usually one of them, but it’s always welcomed and enjoyed.

Most people know by now that snoring is a serious problem.  Left untreated, sleep apnea, which is usually connected to snoring – can be life threatening.  There are various treatments on the market today, and we’ve covered lots of them in previous blogs.  If you’re still searching for a solution to your snoring, or feel you might have a problem, but haven’t been diagnosed, make an appointment to talk to your health care professional so you can begin the proper treatment for this disorder.

Not all over the counter aids and devices will work.  Sometimes you need to be thoroughly evaluated by a specialist who can order a sleep study and take a complete medical work up to find a solution that will work for you.  By the way, if you decide to send an Edible Arrangements gift for Thanksgiving, be sure to use a Groupon code at checkout to receive a holiday discount.  You’ll never have to apologize for that.